Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society.......Mark Twain

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Prudence Mapstone

It has been a while since I perused her site and it is well worth a look. I took her workshop on Bowen Island, more than 5 years ago and still today it influences my work.....a very very creative woman....

wishing Janna a wonderful adventure

Yesterday I braved downtown Vancouver again in the mega-van....I was lucky enough to purchase the last of Janna's stash before she leaves for Montreal to finish her degree at Concordia University. I now have some more dyes so friday will be a dye day....more tie dyes for sunday.....and tommorow we will be at Granville Market doing felting demos and selling stuff at Crafthouse.
I am also planning on taking advantage of being near maiwa while there are will pick up some indigo and cocheneal to dye the organic cotton stuff I am making.....great plans.
I am loving this whole knitting machine experience and will post some pic later, maybe even a video.

Monday, June 28, 2010

another manic monday

Yesterday Tamara and I did the whistler farmers market again.....It was a very good day although the weather was cold and windy......Our little friend Talulah helped us spin and weave all day in her poodle costume.....she had some very sage advice for Tamara about conquering her fears and going on the zip-line.....probably not going to happen. We had a lovely dinner with JP after the market....nothing like prime rib after a hard day at the market!
We are heading in to Vancouver this morning for t shirts and some organic cotton from dressew for these baby hats I have in my head.....thinking of making them first and then overdyeing in indigo and cocheneal.....might even weave a baby blanket or two....who knows.
I love the buzyness of the summer season.....lots to make, lots to do!!