Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society.......Mark Twain

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

fairy pants

I am having a love affair with stretch lace......I know its kind of 80s but it works for these fairy pants......all were snatched up on sunday so I think I am on to something.....more to come this week in sage and dusty rose because I went on a marathon dressew adventure yesterday with Susan and ended up stranded on the 401 in the HOV lane in the most intense heat....finally a nice hwy worker came nad pushed us off to the shoulder but the pushing involved his big truck and munched the back of Susans van.....all in all a bit of a disaster but we have fabric and samosas so it was still a good day
I finished the never ending custom hat last sunday for this little girl.....mommy was thrilled and ordered a lighter one for the fall......need to singe some organza today for that yarn.....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

new table doobob for the booth

Last sundays additions were several tie dye shirts, lots of bandanas and some onsies....also a display table which I have to say turned out better than I expected....this week....Im working on some yoga/fairy pants and leggings and some more mannequins to display all this exciting stuff.....

Friday, July 9, 2010

whistler farmers market makes it into the vancouver sun

Cute little ditty from a local reporter.

I want to be a wooler when I grow up

This is my little friend Talulah.....every sunday she hangs out with us and spins and gives us advice on life and courage....
She is just about the worlds cutest child.

This week I made a custom order hat.....not quite finished I still have to embellish it with vintage beads (i think). I also made a childs sweater coat and matching hat....still needs to be blocked and have buttons sewn on but I am quite chuffed with the outcome and enjoyed crocheting at the cabin soaking in the view and the good company as well as being entertained by the industrious chipmunks.
I have a felt jacket in my head that needs out....maybe I can start today although the house is disgusting after being away for 4 days.....
my camera battery is dead and I cant find the charger....will post progress pics when it the meantime there is Talulah (picure stolen from Tamara)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Its for the birds

a little pic of my indigo birds....picture stolen from Tamara.

Friday, July 2, 2010

what is it that I am trying to say?

In the back of my mind I am struggling for a definition of a directional change that is rumbling around in the far recesses of my menopausal chemo imprinted brain. It has to do with the melding of my far past, the sepia toned photos of long dead ancestors that hold a special magnetism for me and the memories of learning smocking and embroidery from my great grandmother in a room that smelled of tea and lavender with a desire to learn new techniques particularly dyeing, nature dyeing....I am leaning towards textiles rich in the muted natural colours and thick with texture, french knots, bullions, smocking......its all just below the surface, like waiting for water to come to a looking at a picture through layers and layers of cheesecloth.......I recognize my process and it wont be long before I know what it is I am trying to say.

Rainbow Feet

Had a wonderful dye day.....3 racks full including some very successful discharge shibori shirts....but....i have rainbow feet....hoping i can make them look presentable enough to go to the store to get mushrooms for the shepards pie for dinner.

Eleanor's Middle Value Greys

The sky is full of Eleanor's MVGs again this morning, such a funny sight for the second day of July. As frequently happens when I spend the day spinning and in the company of other artist like I did yesterday I have the most visually mind blowing dreams all night....I have an asymetrical vest perhaps felted perhaps crocheted in my head, some great plans for some really funky art yarn, some baby jackets (inspired by my soon to be born great nephew-niece)and thoughts of needle felted melton (thanks Janna)
I have to dye some tied tshirts today and make bread and then I can get into the wool, maybe I will even drag out the sander and felting machine if the kids would just find something to do somewhere else when they get up......heres hoping.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canada Day on Granville Market

Today was an action filled day at Granville Market.....Tamara, Hilary, Amanda and I represented Cap U at a booth outside Crafthouse. As with any time spent with these artistic women it was fun filled and served to reaffirm to me that negativity has no place in the creative flow.
Hilary and Amanda were phenomonal doing many interactive felting demos with the kids.....good thing too because Tamara and I were really hoping we didnt have to fill those shoes!
Tamara spun and carded and answered relentless questions on spinning wheels, ratios, fibre and the like.....
I sat out front and spun the never ending cria suri alpaca fleece that I got from Marilynn Ross last year, hopefully I will have spun it all by September and it will make its way into a weaving project....i am visualizing something with a silk warp and alpaca weft...maybe nature dyed with pomegranite....
I have never had my picture taken so many times with so many people....all in all a fun but exhausting day.
I have been cogitating a lot lately on dynamics of creative groups and am really moved by the supportive and respectful attitude of the women in this program. I am not sure if it is a result of the presentations and critiques that we do in class or why it exists but its is a very nuturing environment and I feel very lucky to be part of it....